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Industrial Sodium Chlorate, NaCIO3, CAS No.7775-09-9
Purity (% ≥ )99.0  
Sodium Carbonate (% ≤ )0.8  
Sodium Chloride (% ≤ )0.1  
Iron Content (% ≤ )0.005  
CAS No.: 7775-09-9   
Molecular Weight: 106.44   
Molecular Formula: NaClO3   
Appearance:. White flakes, solid, pearl   
Packaging: Standard packaging is 25kg PP woven bag with PE liner. We can also provide kraft paper bag, super sack, steel drum, fibre drum, plastic drum and carton. Also accept the packaging appointed by customers.
Application: Used as a raw material in the manufacturing of soaps, detergents, textiles and paper. Also used in water softening, refining petroleum products, sanitation, hygiene and production chemicals. In food and drug industry, it is used as acidity regulator, alkali, impregnant’s pigment.
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